History of the Guild of Master Locksmiths

The Guild of Master Locksmith came in to creation due to 7 families and locksmith and security based businesses coming together to end a fudding war. 

It was on October 14th 1975 that the guild came in to effect, it is basically a peace treaty with a set of bylaws created to stop damage to ur industry by undercutting and stealing work or disrespecting each other. 

The older families have been working in Newcastle and Gateshead since 1948 with the oldest locksmith business been Taylors Locksmiths who was ran by the late John Taylor who was also the founding member but John is from an old Italian family known as Sarto which is Italian for Taylor. John brought with him the old ways of Italy and suggested a form of brotherhood that we see the heads of each business come together, this also tide in to other clubs they were members of such as the Freemasons. The guild became the freemasons of the locksmith world.

During the 60s a nasty war came about when locksmiths became fed up of been undercut and having pop up conmen start up and carry out bad business in the area that led to many burglaries, this led to bickering and eventually escalated to violence and vandalism and even death threats. 

Lucky for the future generations the families came together and created the guild, this helped us look after our area, stopping conman from operating and stopping business from disrespecting each other and created a fair price structure for the public. 

This had to happen as there has never been any qualifications or governing body that looked over the locksmith industry and there still is not one to this day. We needed a guidance, a set of rules to live and work by and so the guild was born. It also meant if we came face to face with any threat to one of our businesses then you came face to face with all the guild members, whether that be through legal action where we all fund the fight or we create a meeting with businesses to resolve issues and act as an arbitrator or mediator.

It was decided that if a locksmith wanted to carry our badge and call yourself a master locksmith that you would have to undergo a set of tests and you must have been in business for 10 years as a locksmith. This helped us vet the locksmiths in our area and it helped control the rapid growth of the industry. You would start off with our basic badge of the crossed keys with or symbols and name and once you became a full member you carried our main badge.

This meant that locksmiths had to work with one of the local established businesses and  earn their right to practice in the area but today that has been lost with everyone who has failed at locksmithing through buying in to conman fake locksmith courses and the growth could not be managed. 


To date we have over 30 members or locksmith businesses who are still members and we grow each year. We still have the same rules but now we govern Durham, Sunderland, Washington and Gateshead.   

guild of master locksmiths v3.png