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Locksmith Training with Gateshead Locksmith Training Academy

When it comes to locksmith training then we believe the only way to become a real locksmith is by training on an apprentice based course with a minimum of 5 to 14 weeks of training one to one and not in a class. The locksmith training provider we know who meets this criteria is Taylors Locksmith of Gateshead who started in 1948 as a locksmith and still operate today and have been training locksmiths since 1981. You can visit there main website at www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk 

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Once you have fully trained you can then become a locksmith and part of the Guild of Master Locksmith. 

If you are already a locksmith and would like to be part of the guild then contact us as you may qualify for the guild.

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Master Locksmith Training and Business 

Full locksmith apprenticeship training, full business course, website and logos, all tools, legal and much more on a 14 week course.

From £2500

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Locksmith Training Level 3

From just £899

Learn all the skills of the locksmith, this is the locksmith training based over 7 days or 7 weeks.