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Peace and Unity

Q, Who are the Guild of Master Locksmiths?


A, The GML was first created in 1975 as a peace treaty between fudding locksmith businesses in the North of England.


Each locksmith had different prices and each locksmith offered the same service.


A war broke out between the many locksmiths as others undercut them and stole contract work and came in to each other's area and to carry out work and this led to an all out war and created a dark time, some quit and walked away, others were hell bent on fighting. Johnsons locksmith shop was set on fire and tires were slashed.


It was finally settled after years of petty war and arguments.

The 7 heads of each business and family came forward on October 14th 1975 to outline a peace treaty and basic principles to help govern a industry that had no rules or regulations.


Guild of Master Locksmiths was then established to create peace between rival families that's why we hold the cross keys, liked crossed swords, the symbols around the keys are only known to the members and what they stand for and we pay respect to the key smith of yesteryear by placing him on the badge with the hammer of war been used to now make keys.


Q, What do the Guild of Master Locksmiths do?


We are a non profit group with many members. Each member agrees to the terms of the Guild of Master Locksmiths which part of that is to not work in each others areas, instead we pass jobs along to that locksmith and in turn they will give a percentage of the profits to the locksmiths that passed over the work. This helps keep the peace and fair working areas, we also charge the same prices for the same work which makes it equally the same and if the customer finds you first then that is down to luck or good business. We work close with each member and each member undertakes the same training not just in locksmithing but also customer care and business ethics.


We help each other out, when it's late in the night and a locksmith may be out of a mechanical part, they can call a guild member and a member will deliver that part to that member for a small fee but it means we have 24 hour stock at our fingertips, we cover each other when we go on holidays or funerals, we offer a 24 hour service and this allows us to maintain the same workmanship and service, pricing and skill throughout all members and businesses. We also get a discount on parts from local traders in the Northeast by showing our membership cards..


Q, What training do they do and why is this different to other training providers?


First we don't train anyone, all training is through our selected members. We currently use Taylors Locksmiths who have been in business since 1948 and are one of the original founding members of the guild as almost all founding members have now sadly passed on and the next generation are keeping the Guild alive. The training Gateshead Locksmith Training provide is still the traditional training as a apprenticeship for 5 to 14 weeks minimum working on real jobs with real customers along with lock lab training and working on training homes and then they enter a full business course. They are then on probation for 2 years as guild members and may carry the guild badge and patch on there works clothing and vans, website etc. 


We don't give away the Guild of Master Locksmiths badge to just anyone. You must agree and meet all of our standards set out by the founding 7 members.


As part of that your further training once established is free of charge.


We don't charge you to carry our badge or for further training.


We are a small committed community of Locksmiths that all have the same principles of customer care and service along with the same pricing.


If a locksmith breaks our laws and terms they will be removed from the guild and all of our suppliers won't sell to them, so they have to work alone and keep a larger stock and order online. It's only fair and stops industrial fighting and price cutting which can destroy the industry.


Q, Does is cost to be part of the Guild of Master Locksmiths?


No, it's free of charge but to be part of it you must have gone through our recommended locksmith training provider to make sure you meet our criteria. Once you have done that you will agree to the terms and laws set out in the GML and then you can use the badge as you are sworn in to the guild.


The guild and its members will always look out for other guild members, we will be there if a member passes away to help the family, we all come together for meetings and gatherings when new locks arrive on the market, we have demos on how to defeat the lock or hardware and help make sure our industry works together through business to business connections.


We don't recruit members or ask for money, we don't charge anything at all and it is a free membership based on peace and equal opportunity for all members.


Q, What does the badge represent?


A, The crossed key design was first created as a symbol of peace, the keys were originally in gold to represent wealth, each key blade carried the letters M and L for Master Locksmith. The symbols around the keys are only for members to know. We are very close like a brotherhood.

We have had legal battles in the past due to our symbol and we all stick together and fund whatever legal issues may arise.

However in 2018 our badge had to change through a company who threatened us with legal action unless we changed our logo as we had cross keys and so do there Master Locksmith company. Even though the crossed keys have been used by hundreds they decided to try and take action against a non profit guild as they want to monopolise the industry, they charge to carry there logo, they charge to train, they charge for paperwork, they even insist on charging to visit your business each year and are trying to become the governing body of locksmith industry so every locksmith has to pay them. 

We oppose this and stand against this style of bullying as they find locksmiths and send threatening emails claiming that you must sign up with them to carry a cross key logo.

We believe any governing body should be a non profit organisation and free to use, it should give advice and make sure each locksmith is treated equally and not charged to carry a logo or badge that the public don't recognise.