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Locksmith Teacher Training Award, LTTA certification for locksmith training, award, badge. Guild of Master Locksmiths

The LTTA Locksmith Teacher Training Association Award

Welcome to our LTTA award page. The LTTA is an award that has been created by The Guild of Master Locksmiths to help locksmiths who wish to teach locksmithing as a trade and to help students choose training programs that carry the LTTA.

 Below you can find out about our criteria to be able to teach locksmithing as a profession. The LTTA Locksmith Teach Training Award is trademarked (™) 

About the award!

In the UK there has never been a regulatory body that made sure that a locksmith who wanted to train other locksmiths had the credentials or met a criteria to be able to offer such locksmith training. With fly by night locksmiths who had failed in the locksmith business selling there skills on eBay as they have no idea how to be successful as locksmiths, hence the reason they are selling courses on eBay and offer poor training, inadequate teaching methods and have no background in teaching at all or any qualification in teaching. They also do not do any DBS /CRB background checks and train people who will use there new skills to commit crime such as burglary and theft. This is why the GMLUK created the first LTTA program and course in line with Cornwall and Devon Locksmith Training and Gateshead Locksmith Training. It means that if you are a locksmith that wants to deliver locksmith training then you will require this award to be able to do so but you must meat a strict criteria with proof of success in the industry. This way we can make sure that the locksmith that's teaching has the credentials and has the success of there business and time served to be able to offer such training. 

The criteria of the LTTA: 


  1. Each instructor must have a minimum of 10 years Locksmith service as a self employed locksmith with proof of business establishment, 10 years of TAX based records, proof of business and insurance along with any online ratings, reviews , photos or videos of past work to be taken into consideration. 

  2. That locksmith must have made a net income from their business of between £50k to £70k per year for a minimum of 5 years of trading. 

  3. They must have undergone the Guild of Master Locksmiths LTTA certification which is a training award that a locksmith can earn by undergoing the LTTA training program. The LTTA is the Locksmith Teacher Training Association and Award. It's an award in further education meeting all requirements set out for a teaching qualification but it's based on locksmith training and delivering Locksmith based education, courses and classes. You will also have to pass a series of examinations based on adult learning and course delivery. Each person taking the LTTA are tested to the highest level possible in all areas of the locksmith trade. 

  4. They must carry a separate qualification in training such as a PTLLS in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector or the new AET level 3 Award in Education and Training This nationally recognized qualification carries 12 QCF credits which is the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and demonstrates our competence and readiness to work as a teacher, trainer, or tutor in various educational settings.


We will also take into account any other awards that you have gained from your past but such as Business Management degrees. Our instructors who have also come from alternative education based backgrounds. The PTLLS qualification was previously the Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. However, it has now been updated and replaced by the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (AET). 

How do you undertake this award?

You will need to contact us below to register your interest and one of our LTTA members will contact you to find out more and offer any advice and answer any question about the award.


Please contact us via our email to find out more about the LTTA award. 

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