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Locksmith Trade and Excellence Award (LTEA)

Welcome to our L.T.E.A award page. The L.T.E.A is an award that has been created by The Guild of Master Locksmiths who recognise excellence in the locksmith industry. L.T.E.A Stands for Locksmith Trade & Excellence Award. 

Read More Below to find out about this award, what it takes to achieve such an award which is only awarded every 3 years!

About the award!

We strive to recognise the effort that our locksmiths put into there business, not only from the training aspects and meeting our strict and skilled criteria's but by striving to keep delivering outstanding service to the general public. 

The L.T.E.A certification and award means that the locksmith who carries it has met our strict criteria in excellence and has been awarded this prestige's award. It takes 3 years of trading to achieve the first award and in them 3 years you must have an exemplary record of customer satisfaction. The award is handed out every 3 years and after 3 awards at 9 years of service that locksmith and the locksmiths business will then be bale to enter into our noble and prestige's coveted award of Master Locksmith which takes 10 years of daily work as a locksmith dealing with the general public to high security rated locks and advanced training. 

To achieve the Excellence Award the locksmith is interviewed every 3 years and we independently verify random reviews making sure the locksmith has met the criteria. Only a locksmith who has met the criteria may carry the L.T.E.A Certification and award and each locksmith and business has there own registration number rating to each award. 

The criteria of the LTEA Certification: 


  1. The locksmith must be a GMLUK full member.

  2. The locksmith must have been trained under a LTTA certified instructor.

  3. The locksmith must have gone through the Locksmith Business Development Award.

  4. The locksmith must hold a level 4 award before they can enter this program. Which is 12 months of training. 36 weeks to achieve a level 3 award and a full year to achieve the level 4 award.

  5. They must achieve a 5 star review status in the first 3 years of trading. This must also include proof of skills, such as photos of work, video of work, reviews from genuine providers such as Google. We will also look at 10 random reviews and make contact with 10 customers to find out about the work carried out, the pricing and much more!

  6. The locksmith must meet GMLUK's pricing criteria which means not using call out fees, making sure the hourly rate is met and is not under the minimum pay required in our locksmith field of work.

  7. The locksmith must have supplied full warranties with all work on each job.

  8. They must show a high level of skill, using more technical techniques over forced entry and drilling.

  9. They must show an exemplary level of time management.

  10. They must show a exemplary level of customer care and satisfaction .

  11. They must show fair marketing, meeting UK consumer law requirements.

  12. They must have kept up there public liability insurance. 

  13. They must have attended any further qualification enhancement or training the GMLUK have advised or updated. 

  14. They must have a 100% score on the S.C.A.UK which is the Safe Contractor Approved rating and scheme. This is in relation to security checks and the strict vetting criteria and under go a DBS Data Barring Service Check then they can opt into also being independently check by the UK Government. Vetting is delivered by United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV), which is part of the Cabinet Office Government Security Group and the Government Security Function which also allows for this enhanced award.

  15. The board of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK will also vote on this award and the locksmith or business will require 100% of the vote to be able to achieve this award. 


We will also take into account any other awards that you have gained from other provider such as best rated, trusted sites and so on. The award will come in a certificate form and e-cortication along with registered badges to be used on websites and advertising by the locksmith who has been granted this prestige's award of excellence.

How do you undertake this award?

We will contact the locksmith and let them know they have been nominated and what they need to provide so we can put the award forward. 


If you believe a locksmith who carries the L.T.E.A certification has not met our criteria then please do let us know and we can investigate any issues with any member. 

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