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Established 1975 For Local Locksmiths

Guild of Master Locksmiths UK are a non profit guild that was created to help maintain fair business ethics for local locksmith businesses in the Northeast of England, we all have the same prices, skill sets and work together to make our business fair and equal for all locksmiths in the guild.


The guild is an agreement, an arbitration between businesses owners of a set of terms and bylaws and ethical practices that we work by and agree to, this helps prevent damage to our industry by stopping undercutting and price slashing along with conflict with the locksmith industry. The Guild of Master Locksmiths also requires all of its members to have undertaken a minimum of 30 weeks of training under a Master Locksmiths before they can become members.


This website is for informational use only and so the public understand that the Guild of Master Locksmiths is in no way a qualification, it is more of a agreement of quality and ethics for locksmiths to adder to. However we to offer an award which is awarded through Gateshead Locksmith Training. This award is alible via there 30 week course.

To be part of the guild you must first train under one of our local recommended locksmith training schools in Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland, we currently use Taylors Locksmith Academy who has been in business as a locksmith since 1948 and have been training locksmith since 1981. Visit them here.

Our Roots


Here at Guild of Master Locksmiths UK, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the locksmiths world a better place for all locksmiths in the Tyne and Wear area to work alongside each other. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our members. The GML is a free to use service that helps check and vet locksmiths along with creating an ethical business practice with locksmiths in Northeast England since 1975. Read more about our history.


Guild Recommended Locksmith Training in Newcastle, Gateshead and Newquay

Taylors Locksmith Academy

Full business and locksmith training in Newcastle and Gateshead from £499 with Taylors Locksmith Academy.


Taylors have been in  business since since 1948 and have been training locksmiths since 1981 and they are a 4th generation locksmith business.



Guild of Master Locksmiths Gateshead, UK

Contact our  Vice Chairman 07525639943


J Taylor (photo)

Vice Chairman 

S J Taylor 


Jill Taylor

J Taylor - Chairman

The Guild of Master Locksmiths UK are a none profit organisation based in the Northeast of England. Our members are in the Northeast only. We do not allow membership outside of the Northeast of England UK.

Guild of Master Locksmiths UK

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